Welcome to Monkey Toe Travel Journal!

My name is Jessica, and I have dreamt of travelling the world since I was a teenager.  I have been to a variety of places, and am in the process of making plans for more travel in the future.  Currently, employment and family have me located in North Idaho.

What to expect from Monkey Toe?

I will be posting about my local excursions as they happen.  I like to go hiking, and I’m trying to convince my husband that we need to go snow shoeing this winter (soon, soon).  I will include flashback posts with pictures and journal entries from past trips, as well as spotlight places I plan to visit.

What kind of a name is Monkey Toe?

When I was in college I went to Prague with a group.  One night in the hotel we were playing with a wooden dowel and made up a game that we dubbed Monkey Toe.  My friend and I decided Monkey Toe Travel Journal would be a great name for a travel publication.  All these years later, the name has stuck with me.

I hope you enjoy yourself here.


Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions:


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