What A Difference A Day Makes

Spring around here means rising water levels.  The river was definitely higher than it’s normal level, but wasn’t considered at flood stage, meaning it was still contained by its banks.

Despite that, the walkways to the docks across the street were partially submerged, the board walk on the other side of the river was under water, and the stairs just looked like they went straight into the river.  I took pictures on our daily walks near the water.  The change in water level between Monday and Thursday is crazy.  Sunday, the water level was just below normal (no pictures), Monday was a little higher than normal, and it just kept going up from there.  On Tuesday, I could actually tell a difference in the water level from looking out my window between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  That’s how quickly the water level was rising.

Things seemed to peak on Thursday.  Friday was a little lower, and it’s been going back down.  I think it’s a good thing the water levels were so low this winter, or we would have had a lot more flooding.

The sheer quantity of water necessary to raise the water level by that much in such a short space of time is astounding to me.  We had one of the driest winters on record until we hit February.  We had one of the wettest Februaries on record, then it warmed up suddenly, so everything melted.  Welcome to the spring runoff.


Monday Afternoon


Monday Afternoon


Tuesday Afternoon


Tuesday Afternoon


Tuesday Afternoon


Wednesday Afternoon


Wednesday Afternoon


Thursday Afternoon


Thursday Afternoon


Thursday Afternoon

I tried to be pretty consistent with my picture taking.  I used three main landmarks each day to gauge the water level.  You can see how much of the water rises over the trees and logs in the water.  If you saw my previous post on the gnarly tree, you can see from those pictures that it’s not supposed to be in the water.  By Thursday, the other two trees in the water were almost completely submerged.

The water is still high, but has gone down some.  Though, the spring runoff can continue into June around here.  Anyone else watching out for floods?


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